My bare feelings

Today,I wake up with a beautiful smile on my cheeks and I had a feeling my bare feeling…

When I lay alone in my bed thinking of my mistakes, my deeds ,reevaluating the positions I hold,tired. Do I belong here?Am I arrogant?Am I irritating? Like a teanager I own my insecurities. Like a kid ,I swollen my cheeks over lil things.but beyond everything I am or I do, I have you, you to guard my smile and I feel like writing this to you.

I dont know whether you get excited in talking to me like I do, you think of me or not, and smiling alone hugging the pillow tight and everything I do whether you miss our talks or not.

And you may be wondering that we my drift apart may be you blame urself for that. But letme reming you ur love n care that I do feel today… yes, even a kiss smiley from you makes my eyes fill with the smiles ,heart on my cheeks, ur talks always optimize me.

Yes you are irreplaceable, having a thousand of lovers around you, the way you treat me made me fall for you even harder. 

I dont know but our forever is really different from forever.

When There is a chaos

She,a very normal girl,in all terms.She aspires to have a simple quiet life full of love ,yes she exist. There is she who have never opted for materials over the love. May be because her faith in love never break. She know oneday love will cross her path just to make her life the smoothest. And the luck favoured,He is there.She knows what are they intend to be also he knows where he is going to be. 

He,a rockstar in all terms,having big dreams and wants to won the folks.He never have opted for love. What if her calmness ruins his chaos without his will. Who is to be blamed…??

She is the girl who can sit beside a blooming flower and can talks for hours.And he  the one who always want to be known wellknown famous,lights,stardom. What if these opposites attract instead of a clash????

Making it a choice onto him she expressed.It has never been easy for a girl to be the first but she says, tells him about her feelings.But never asks him about what he feels. May be because she is afraid to get broken, may be she knows his heart,may be she wants him to grow ,may be she is waiting for him to come and express. Will he ever express to her??

Things are going like a storm but they both are being unaware. And its time for her to feel what the chaos is…. there is nothing more when two different dreams cross each others  path often a hullabaloo,a thunder ,a wave of emotions break.Now having a blunder of thoughts she has no where to go…..sitting close to the wildflower she has nothing to say.


Time the power let the things get old turn colourless smell least fragrant which were once bright most cherishing and the rulers of beauty indeed. ​The old the colourless these have ever   thought of this bright green shine, the new life blooming thereby. Perhaps no, beauty never gets old it just revolve around phases.Nature has its own reinforc es it depends upon where we are to hv the look.Even the dullest appear to be the most mesmerizing ,it just takes the wandering eye to appreciate. 


the jungle across the railway track being visible,the faint light of dawn…many of the stations left behind and forgotten…and probably thats the mantra things get blurred as we are distant ,for those otherthings to occupy the minds. Its not a fiction that we’ll always end up cleaning the mystery and longing a suitable ending for the whole.​

Different corners

They  say we love in a life of eternity only once and I always wonder is it true. I mean we do in various ways. We love different beings in different ways perhaps the reason behind is we connect to vibes of every individual in a very unique way.


I do remember I was in standard 3rd,when I start sharing my school days with u.Without even knowing the waves of love,my friend u became my habit my perfect voyage partner of childhood journey. The days spent with you, will stick to memories forever. From sharing the tiffins to helping in class tests U became my childhood love. And most superbly loving the same sport to enchanting the prayers together in the assembly u left an everlasting imprint and  I found the most innocent love of mine in U.


Suddenly someone pokes u on a social link. U were not a stranger but I dont know u the way I do today. Even now when I m writing about u my heart is still beating fast. The way I look at u the way how our talks turned to the conversations the way when days started seeming to be unnourished if I dont share it with u. The cares the talks the smiles the hullabaloo u always sit besides me and showed me the way how we started and where we are intend to be. But ,all of a sudden ,perhaps its a bloody life u turned ,left unexplained. May I could have the worst time ever after that but my good luck I survived  and still surviving yes u were a part of me darling. U left but I cant my dedication my love will never alter. Yeah but simultaneously U have now no right to come back and rage the thunder in the calmest vibes.​​years passed, but u still across as ifwas just yesterday


Psychology says agape love is universal because strangers have no profit no loss commitment. When we are all broken tending to have a lightest feel and those feather like vibes of u made me fall for u. Distancing from selfishness, mean intentions the purest form of love u do present me. I was the least expressive in my initial stages but u let oceans of feels flow in me. Taking me out of the darkness i was facing u always cheered me with. And yeah it was the most relaxing and unleashed love. We loved each other in a way different from all type of relationships.

And this is not to be finished here. MAY be somehow we have restricted ourselves to erotic ,singlepersoned,supernatural love and we forget to encourage and cheer the bonds we share with others too. I m not saying this is not good to share an emotional bond with the most lovable one .but whatif we fail, what if they dont love us the way we do whatif the things doesnt go as we wish to , take a breathe theres nothing wrong.waiting for the wrongones desiring to suicide wont bring u any pleasure always wake up with a new hope. 

Theres noone stronger than U

We have thoughts trapped inbirdcages with a door rusted

in selfdoubt. Here we

are,alone,making tumblr

accounts.Someone said

suicide is a murder turned

inward. when u wanna kill

sml else, but u choose to kill

urself. may be social

isolations.May be they have drive u there.

So yes, fuck you if u hv

isolated someone

fuck u if u hv ignored their

texts,hung up on them or

blocked them when they have

something important to say.

fuck u if u told people that

they cant spread their stories

like wildfires.Dont make them

clog their day they

may stop using words


And if u hv made it through

this keep are not

tied to the feeling of isolation

doesnt matter who throws it

at u.Dont sit in sorrow. You r

the solution.Keep walking

through glass shards.

Gently spreading the smiles one can hold

A person whom I met cold 

U do lit the lives with a pour of soul

Reflecting the charms he never told

A breeze of optimism u r the one 

Validating a real bond

Can she love you more than I do

Before opting the one 

Make sure 

can she love you the way I did

Is she okay with ur shortcomings as I  was

Does she care for u the way I did

If she can see ur perfecion in ur  imperfections as me

Does she understand u more than me

Would she wipe ur tears hidden behind  ur sweetest smile

If she is going to get those sentiments that always  left unexplained as I pick

Will she hug u more warmer than me 

has she become a part of u as I was 


Meraki (Mum)

Mum!!my definition of meraki… just the word  can fill with the ocean of emotions..


When, I,a part of u

U are the one who smiled

Over my kicks

As I was about to step first

How can someone get so proud 

The proud I see in those pics

Holding my school bag 

U never make me forget any tag

How can I forget my adolescence

We started to clash over petty things

Passing it to my immaturity 

U let me unwrap my wings

Roling urself into papa 

I know moma

 its not an easy task

I wonder,ur mystical love,

dedication ur cares

from where they come

From a friend to a strict teacher

U understand every instinct

In any of the test

U show me how to perform best

And it doesnt end here…..



and here goes the anothersuccessful day seeming like

the triumphs always become

partial when it comes to u…

 u remember it has been two

months since we talked.. but

doesnt matter coz u still cross

my mind everyday… I dont

know where and when will I

come out of it…sometimes I

wonder whether I really want

to come out of this

troma…may be because u

were my only remedy and

now I dont hv any

prescription …. .. the time we

shared has become ajewel of

my life the brighter it shines

the darker I get pushed…..and

that push makes my

philophobia come true


although it breaks me equally

ur optimistic notes builds me

up… I dont know why I still

expect u to come and utter a

word atleast

but simultaneously knowing

at this stage noone ,me, u can fix it